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What should I know about laser bikini waxing?

Particularly bushy and stubborn, pubic hair is hard, thick and quite difficult to manage. To eradicate them effectively, laser bikini hair removal is the most appropriate technique. Indeed, the approach consists in targeting the melanin of the hair with a light beam. This destroys the hair and prevents it from growing back. The effect obtained guarantees progressive and definitive hair removal, without damaging the skin.

Bikini waxing: what models are available?

For a more aesthetic result, pubic hair can be removed in different ways. Some simply remove the hair that extends beyond the panties. Others go further by opting for more geometric shapes. So there is the “underground ticket” which consists of having a rectangular shape. And this is after removing all the hair covering the lips. In its triangular form, the Brazilian bikini gives a more exotic, indented look. As for the full bikini, it guarantees a completely waxed pubis. To better suit your needs, the bikini hair can be shaped in a more stylish way.

How does the laser bikini waxing session work?

Are you a little apprehensive about the first laser bikini waxing session? To reassure you, a specialist will take care of you. As a true professional, your beautician will answer all your questions. For more comfort, you can use an anaesthetic cream prescribed by the morphologist. The product is applied a few hours before the hair removal. During the session, the expert in laser hair removal goes over your entire intimate area. The melanin in the hair captures the laser light beam to burn the hair. For a definitive result, 4 to 7 sessions are required for the intimate area.

Is bikini laser hair removal painful?

The heat emitted by the laser is completely bearable. But if you are worried about pain, you can always opt for the anaesthetic cream. After each session, your skin will take on a reddish appearance and the hairs will be more or less swollen. These side effects are temporary and you have nothing to worry about.

What are the contraindications to laser bikini hair removal?

The laser depilatory beams are not recommended for pregnant women. This protective measure is also valid for nursing mothers. And if you have black, tanned or matt skin, ask for a technology adapted to your skin tone. There are also limits for people with white, light or discoloured hair. As a precaution, avoid the laser if you have concerns about blood clotting, scarring or skin irritation.

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